Neues Jahr, neue Ziele: Vorsätze für Deinen Hund

New year, new goals: resolutions for your dog

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The new year has just begun, making it the perfect time to think about how you can improve your pet's life. Resolutions aren’t just for us as humans; They can also benefit your dog, make him fitter and strengthen your bond. Below we have summarized some suggestions for resolutions that you can implement for your doggo in the new year!  


Promote a healthy diet for your dog!

Healthy nutrition is just as important for dogs as it is for us humans. Choosing the right food is not easy. However, there are a few points you should pay attention to. Because conventional food does nothing for your dog’s health! Instead of relying on a high proportion of high-quality meat, savings are made by using animal by-products (this can include feathers, claws and horns!) and cheap fillers such as grain and sugar.

Really good food, on the other hand, has a high meat content, high-quality ingredients and no inferior or unnecessary additives. Here you can find out more about the topic - and why our food is the best choice for your animal!

In short: At Dogs'n Tiger we pay great attention to high-quality ingredients, a high meat content and an animal-friendly composition, which we regularly check together with veterinarian Dr. Check Karin Schlotterbeck. We also have nutritionists for dogs and cats on our team. If you have any questions about the optimal nutrition for your pet, please feel free to contact our customer service !

Dogs'n Tiger food

Tolerability also plays a big role when choosing the right food. Your dog will tolerate high-quality food much better. Farting or other digestive problems are not normal and should always be questioned. Good food is the be-all and end-all for healthy intestinal flora .

In addition to a high-quality, balanced diet, you should also always provide fresh water for your doggo.


Get your dog to move more!

Increase your dog's physical activity, whether through longer walks, playtime in the park, or new activities like agility or learning tricks. Mental challenges such as thinking games or training new commands can also improve your dog's well-being.

Training works particularly well if you use delicious training snacks. For example, do you know our freeze-dried premium snack Fatzke ?

Dog snack Fatzke


Take your dog to the vet regularly!

Checkups are crucial for your dog’s health. Make it a goal to keep regular vet appointments to ensure your dog stays healthy and happy.

Depending on the age of your dog, you should look at which preventive examinations are important. You can find out more about this topic in this article .


Control your dog's weight!

Check your doggo's weight regularly. Being overweight can lead to health problems. A balanced diet and sufficient exercise help maintain the ideal weight.

This is how you can quickly test whether your dog is overweight: you can no longer feel the ribs and no longer see the waist. You can also look at the lower abdominal line. If you look at the dog from the side, it should rise from the ribs to the hips and not be (almost) parallel to the ground. If your dog has fat deposits at the base of the tail, this is another sign of overweight.

There are usually various reasons for being overweight. The genetic predisposition, the housing conditions (too little exercise, boredom) and the owner's possible ignorance of the animal's energy requirements often play a role. Maybe you give out too many treats or feed food that has an unfavorable composition.

Here you can find out more about obesity in dogs.


Make sure your dog has socialization and friendships!

Dogs are social animals and need contact with other dogs. Schedule regular playdates or visit dog parks to give your dog the opportunity to interact with other dogs and make friends.


Help your dog with his care and hygiene!

Caring for your dog is important for his well-being. This includes regular brushing, brushing the teeth and, if necessary, trimming the claws. Good care contributes to a healthy and happy dog ​​life.

You can also support your dog’s oral hygiene with our tooth fairy functional snack. The algae it contains can protect your teeth and the mint helps improve breath.

Make sure your dog has more relaxation!

Dogs can be stressed just like us. Create retreats for your dog where he can relax. Calming activities like massage or quiet walks can also help reduce stress.

This is where our functional snack , a breather , can be really good! With chamomile, valerian and hemp seeds, the treats actively contribute to your dog's well-being and relaxation.

The New Year offers the perfect opportunity to set new goals for your dog's health and happiness. Remember that small changes in everyday life can have a big impact on your pet's well-being.  

New Year - Happy Dog