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Frau Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck

Developed with veterinarian Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck

Who knows better what is good for dogs and cats than a veterinarian? Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck has been working as a veterinarian in Hamburg for many years.

She supported us in the composition of our food - after all, animal lovers should be sure that only natural, nutritious ingredients are used.

Frau Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck

Developed with veterinarian Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck

Who knows better what is good for dogs and cats than a veterinarian? Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck has been working as a veterinarian in Hamburg for many years.

She supported us in the composition of our food - after all, animal lovers should be sure that only natural, nutritious ingredients are used.


On the go as a snack, when doing tricks, as a training reward or simply because our four-legged friends are always there for us - yes, we're talking about dog treats . What would we do without them? Probably feed dry food as a reward. But where would be the fun in that? The expectant look and the sniffing nose when we have brought a new dog treat for our darling is the cherry on top. As if we could say " I was thinking of you! "

And as well-read dog owners, we now know that the quality of the dog treat is at least as important as the taste. We can't check the taste, our furry friends love to do that themselves, but the quality can be checked. Healthy dog ​​snacks cannot be found on every corner, unless you look for them at Dogs'n Tiger. So take a look around, no matter which variety you choose: you can be sure - it's what it says on the tin!

Just like with our dog food , in our dog snacks you will only find what belongs there, in addition to pure taste. So a whole lot of meat! To be more precise, at least 99% juicy fillet meat. The fillet is preserved using a gentle process and not only retains all the important vitamins, but also becomes a real culinary delight. Choose between different sizes, whether for small or large appetites.


What makes healthy dog ​​treats? We asked ourselves these questions. The answer is as simple as the ingredients – quality instead of cheap fillers . That's why our dog treats are grain-free and contain no additives such as sugar or artificial ingredients. We remain true to our standards: a species-appropriate diet without hidden additives. In addition to the ingredients, the manufacturing process is also extremely important for quality. At this point we rely on freeze drying. This gentle method offers many advantages.

The taste, color, aroma and nutrients remain the same when freeze-drying. The dog treats also don't harden, so you can easily break them up with your fingers. This is particularly advantageous for small dogs, and also if you want to ration the portion of dog snacks. Because the treats stay soft, they don't weigh as much. This makes transport easier. During freeze-drying, all of the water is removed from the fillet, which makes the freeze-dried dog treats last longer.

The best thing about the soft dog treats, however, is that they taste really delicious. Taste and quality go together so well!


So that there is something for every sweet tooth, we offer snacks in different sizes. Treats in size L made from 100% fillet are practical when you need a little more. You can simply divide duck and chicken breasts in strips or feed them whole. Dog treats in size M are ideal for on the go or as a snack in between. They consist of 99% fillet meat and 1% linseed oil. Flaxseed oil is rich in linoleic acid, vitamins B and E and can even aid in digestion or healing of eczema. The smallest in our range are dog treats in size S. They are perfect for training with a bite in the mouth. Thanks to the small cube shape, the snacks do not have to be divided beforehand and are therefore also best suited for smaller dog breeds.

Our dog treats without grains and unnecessary additives always only have one source of protein, making them ideal for dogs that suffer from intolerance or allergies. A dog treat can also be used as an activity snack. Snacks, when combined with a game or a training session, appear to be the right activity after which the furry friend is actually fully occupied. We have collected some ideas for you below.


We also thought of the little paws that take our hearts by storm: for them we have delicious salmon cubes with lots of omega-3. Dog treats can be fed to your puppy from the age of 4 months. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential, especially at a young age, as they contribute to optimal development of the nervous system. But health and a shiny coat can also be supported by healthy fats such as Omega-3.

A dog treat like this is something special - it doesn't matter whether it's a puppy, a young dog or an adult four-legged friend. As a dog owner, you can take advantage of this and positively associate certain everyday situations in which your furry friend may still have difficulties with the dog treat. This is particularly easy with puppies because their behavior patterns have not yet been completely established. For example, if your puppy or young dog is still very insecure when visitors come over, then next time you can simply give them a dog treat from Dogs'n Tiger and let your puppy be pampered with it.


If you want to exercise your dog in a species-appropriate manner, keep him busy with his brain or teach him something, then dog treats can be helpful. If the reward is particularly tasty, then the motivation is completely different. Some dogs even need mental activity to be calm and balanced. We have put together a few ideas for you and your four-legged friend that you can try out at home with a dog treat from Dogs'n Tiger.


You can easily teach your dog a trick with a tasty dog ​​treat. Classics such as sit, down or stop can be particularly helpful in everyday life. But a trick doesn't always have to fulfill a special purpose. It is important that you and your dog spend time together and have fun doing it. It can also be exciting to see what your dog can come up with when you hold out a treat in your closed fist. But you can also practice unusual tricks like spin or wave . This will certainly attract a lot of attention at the next family celebration.


It is estimated that our dogs can distinguish a million different smells. For comparison: there are “only” 10,000 of us humans. They are true sniffing masters and obtain a lot of information about the environment through their noses. sniffing or Search games can really challenge and exercise your dog - but above all, they are a lot of fun. This is how you set up a search game: Take a dog treat from Dogs'n Tiger and, if you like, a few discarded socks. Place the dog treat in the sock. Then let your dog sniff it. Put him in the seat and hide the sock or treat in his immediate vicinity. Say the word “search” and gesture with your hand to invite your dog to get his reward. Over time, you can make the hiding places more difficult and also hide several treats at the same time.


The replacement hunt works similarly to the search game and is structured similarly, the level of difficulty is just slightly higher. During the replacement hunt, the dog treat is hidden in a food bag, preferably outside in the forest, in a field or even in the garden. The dog can remain on a leash. Once the dog has found the bag, he will have to bring it to you before he can get his hands on the loot. Because the food bags are usually closed. This is how your dog learns that you help him and that he can trust you with his prey. This activity requires some practice, but is worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Order delicious dog chews for puppies and adult adventurers now from Dogs'n Tiger. But from us you can not only buy dog ​​snacks, but also everything that your furry friend needs for nutrition: put together a fabulous mix package for your four-legged friend consisting of grain-free dog treats, tasty wet food and crunchy dry food.