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Why do we actually avoid grains and sugar in our food?

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Animal food with sugar and grain?! That's not going to happen to us!  

We want to feed our Dogs'n Tigers a species-appropriate and balanced diet and, in our opinion, sugar and grain have no place in pet food. Here we will explain to you why the two ingredients are still used in most feed and what they can do to the bodies of our four-legged friends.  

Grain is an inexpensive filler and causes health problems  

Many manufacturers use grain to save costs . It is cheap to produce. At first it makes the animals full, but this feeling of satiety doesn't last long . Food should primarily contain meat and essential nutrients to really fill you up.  

Dogs also need fiber to prevent constipation. However, it is important that they are of high quality and easy to digest. This is exactly what can be a problem with grains. The biggest disadvantages of grains are allergies and possible gluten intolerance , which can cause digestive problems, diarrhea , itching and skin problems. Instead, our food contains foods such as sweet potatoes or pumpkin.  

As for cats , it is important to know that they are carnivores - their digestive tract is designed to digest primarily meat and thereby obtain important nutrients. However, an exclusive diet consisting of meat is not advisable, as it can damage the kidneys. Other energy sources such as fat or carbohydrates in the feed are therefore important. For cost reasons, grain is often used - and in too large quantities. Consequences can include obesity , digestive problems, influence on blood sugar levels and urinary crystals .  

Sugar for appearance and taste unnecessary and dangerous to health  

In general, it can be said that added industrial sugar contains no nutrients and can be harmful to health in certain quantities. When it comes to animal feed, sugar comes into play to make it look as appealing as possible because it creates the caramel brown color. It also serves as a flavor enhancer , as cats and dogs seem to like the taste of sweetened food. However, due to mindless consumption of sugar, the four-legged friends can develop diabetes, obesity, dental problems and arthrosis, among other things.  

Good to know: Sugar is also listed on the ingredients list as sucrose, saccharose, dextrose, beet pulp, molasses, glucose, lactose or fructose.  

We rely on pure food – balanced and species-appropriate  

At Dogs'n Tiger, we develop our food together with veterinarians and animal nutritionists so that it is specifically tailored to the needs of dogs and cats. Our motto is: There should be nothing in pure food that doesn't belong there! We rely on a high meat content and other ingredients that give our four-legged friends a balanced and species-appropriate diet. Not only do we avoid sugar and grains, we also avoid artificial additives. What we use, on the other hand, are nature-identical additives that would also occur in the natural food of animals in the wild. For cats, for example, selected herbs such as catnip or cat garmander are added to the food, while for dogs a whole healthy herb package is added.  

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