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Quality has its price! Why our food is the best choice for your animal

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We know that our food is not as cheap as, for example, pet food in the supermarket. But it's not worth saving, especially when it comes to dog and cat food. Because healthy nutrition is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life - not only for us humans, but also for our animals. Dogs and cats also need high-quality food to feel good, be active and live a long, happy life.  

We have also recently reduced our prices for wet food and our freeze-dried snacks. This brings us a little closer to our mission - high-quality food at a really fair price!

Conventional food does nothing for your animal's health  

Unfortunately, the reality in the feed trade is not particularly good. Many commercially available feeds contain grains, sugar, animal by-products (such as offal) or a low meat content. The reason: It is cost-effective. Grain, for example, is a cheap filler, but in certain quantities it can cause health problems for dogs and cats. The biggest disadvantages of grains can be allergies, gluten intolerance and obesity.  

The latter is also caused by sugar, which is usually only used to make the food look more appealing.  

Animal by-products are also popular. This term is often unknown to laypeople. Feathers, claws, horns and even expired meat from the food industry can be hidden behind the term. This suggests a particularly high meat content, which has nothing to do with high-quality meat and offal.  

What our dogs and cats need: natural and high-quality ingredients  

We are convinced that good food does not have to be complicated. What matters: natural and high-quality ingredients. That's why our food is completely free of artificial flavors, grains and added sugar. Instead, we rely on a high meat content, monoprotein sources and species-appropriate recipes that are based on the needs of our four-legged friends. In addition to muscle meat, offal such as liver, lungs or heart are rich sources of protein and are perfect for good cat and dog food. Production runs according to food standards.  

Depending on the variety, the food is also refined with nutrient-rich herbs or essential fatty acids. All of this affects the taste and the result is a tasty food that makes all Dogs'n Tigers satisfied and happy.  

That’s what makes our food so good  

  • High-quality ingredients: Our food only contains selected ingredients of the best quality. We rely on high-quality meat that meets the need for essential nutrients and is an optimal source of protein. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure a balanced diet. Our ingredients list is transparent and free of inferior fillers or artificial flavors.  
  • High meat content: Cats and dogs are naturally carnivores. Therefore, our focus is on a high meat content. Your pet's needs are our top priority and we want to ensure they receive the optimal nutrition that meets their natural instincts. A high meat content also means higher tolerance and better absorption of important nutrients.  
  • Animal-friendly recipes: Our food is developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure that it meets the specific needs of cats and dogs. By using animal-friendly recipes, we can ensure a balanced and healthy diet that contributes to the health and vitality of your animal.  
  • Health Benefits: The price of our high quality food is also reflected in the health benefits it can provide. A balanced diet can strengthen the immune system, control weight, aid digestion and keep coat shiny and healthy. By investing in high-quality food, you can help prevent long-term health problems and improve your pet's quality of life.  

When choosing the right food for your animal, it shouldn't just be about price, but above all about quality and benefits. Our high-quality ingredients, the high meat content and the animal-friendly recipes are more expensive, but in the long term they are worth it because they support the health and well-being of our Dogs'n Tigers.  

If all of this doesn't quite convince you: you can save money with bundles and subscriptions! We have listed all the special prices for you on our product pages. We look forward to convincing you and your darling of our food!  

Lots of tuna fillet with a delicious addition of shrimp makes our sweet tooth wet cat food so popular. The tuna fillet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, many vitamins and high-quality protein.

Delicious wet dog food

Only the best ingredients are used in our gourmet wet dog food. It contains a high meat content of 67%, poultry with muscle meat and offal and the healthy herb package. Here we rely on highly digestible linseed oil as a high-quality source of Omega 3 fatty acids to round off the meal.