Babykatze in Menschenhänden

The 1st cat

Do you want to give a tiger a home? Then you can look forward to an animal enrichment in your home. A lot of cuddles are part of it, but there are also a few things to consider, because your new roommate has needs and a mind of his own. Here we have collected a few things that will help you both make moving in as relaxed as possible.

Single cat or double pack

Cats are individuals with their own ideas about harmonious coexistence. Some prefer to explore the area alone, others are stuck to their owner. If you already know that your future roommate doesn't get along with other cats, then you should avoid getting a second cat.
But some tigers appreciate the company of an animal partner. They can play with each other, cuddle and are always there for each other - even when you are away. A second cat is hardly any more work than a single cat.

Scratching post and toys

Sharpening their claws is typical for cats. It doesn't really matter to them why they do this - but their owners don't. So that your furniture doesn't show scratches shortly after moving in, there should be enough alternatives in which claws can be buried. Scratching posts, scratching barrels and scratching waves are popular and protect your inventory.
Balls and fishing rods are particularly suitable for playing with, so that your tiger can live out his hunting instinct a little. Cats also love play cushions that can be filled with valerian or catnip, for example.

Cat-proof the apartment

When a tiger moves in, a few things in your home should be adjusted. Cables left lying around, for example, can be dangerous if they are bitten. Plants that are poisonous to cats, such as rubber trees or weed pipes, should also be removed from the home. If you have a balcony, it can be secured with a cat net, but precautionary measures should also be taken for windows. Windows that are opened when tilted can quickly become a dangerous trap. Sharp objects should also be well stowed away before a curious paw gets injured.

The feeding place

There are a few things to keep in mind when feeding - in addition to the right food, small tigers also need a place where they can eat in a relaxed and peaceful manner.
A permanent feeding place in the corner of a room is therefore a good idea. Please note that cats in the wild would never drink directly next to their feeding place. Drinking bowls should therefore be placed separately from the food bowl - ideally in different places in the apartment. This way your cat can choose its favorite place to drink.

The litter box

A rule of thumb for the litter box is: one more litter box than cats in the house.
A single cat will be happy with a second toilet, if there are two cats there should be three toilets, etc. Ideally, you should distribute the toilets in quiet places in your apartment so that your four-legged friend never has to go far when nature calls. Regular cleaning is also very important because cats are extremely sensitive animals - and who wants to go to a dirty toilet? At least two inches of cat litter should also cover the bottom of the toilet.