Katze beißt in Menschenhand

What to do if a cat bites you?

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Cat bites should under no circumstances be underestimated.

When playing with your furry roommate, it happens quickly - sharp fangs dig into your hand and a stabbing pain brings the fun to an abrupt end. The number of cat bites that are reported to liability insurance companies each year shows that cleaning the wound and a plaster are not enough: cat bites are registered up to 30,000 times, as these bite injuries pose particular risks

Also our veterinarian Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck explains:
“Cat bites are highly infectious and very dangerous because the long and pointed fangs, which are located on the side of the front area of ​​the jaw, dig deep into the skin when they bite.”

This causes bacteria from the cat's mouth to enter the open wound. This wound is not large and seems to heal without any problems - but that is deceptive!

“At first the skin heals, but dangerous inflammation develops very quickly deep down. That’s why you should consult a doctor after every cat bite and have an appropriate antibiotic prescribed.”
Cat bites are by no means just a small scratch.