Katze putzt sich im Garten

Dangers in the garden for cats

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Your little tiger is a curious roommate. Unfortunately, this characteristic can quickly become its downfall in the garden if no precautionary measures are taken. Because when cats are hunting, they throw caution out the window and can end up in real danger.

Cover rain barrels

An uncovered rain barrel quickly becomes a trap. Most cats can swim, but if the water level in the barrel is not particularly high, they find it difficult to climb out again. A tight-fitting lid is therefore only recommended. The same applies to swimming pools or pools - these can have small steps or sloping ones
Be secured with boards that lead out of the pool. This not only provides security for your cat, but also for all other inhabitants of your garden - such as hedgehogs or squirrels.

Avoid tilted windows

Whether in or out - if you have a tilted window, your cat will try to get through the small gap. She is at risk of serious injury if she slips. The opening at the top of the window is still large enough, but if a paw gets stuck further down, quick help is required. Your furry roommate will not be able to get out of this situation on his own.

Just no rat poison

Rat poison is not only deadly for the small rodents, but also for their hunters. Even if your cat doesn't eat the poison itself, but kills a mouse that had previously eaten rat poison, it can be life-threatening. So if you know that a neighbor has put out rat poison, your tiger should become a house cat for this period - even if it is difficult.

Toxic plants

There are also plant-based dangers lurking in the garden for your buddy. Here we have listed common garden plants that should definitely not be in your garden if you have an outdoor bird.

- Amaryllis / Knight's Star
- Azalea
- Boxwood
- Christmas thorn / holly
- Ivy
- Yew
- Angel trumpet
- Foxglove
- Golden shower
- Bay laurel (leaves & berries)
- Lily of the valley
- Mistletoe
- Oleander
- Rhododendron
- Thuja