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Healthy pet food for cats

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There are many animal foods - but what is healthy for my tiger?

As our name suggests, domestic cats and large wild cats such as tigers are similar in some ways: they sleep a lot and like to hunt, but above all they are carnivores. The food in the bowl should have everything that the prey in the jungle offers. This not only means lots of meat, but also healthy fiber, which is normally found in the
Stomach of the prey is located.

The dosage of individual ingredients should therefore be fine-tuned by experts. Natural nutrients such as algae, lime or dandelion support your baby and can be absorbed better than artificial ingredients. The quality of the ingredients is also important, as many manufacturers use the cheapest version - and therefore often the least nutrient-rich. (Green-lipped mussels, for example, are high-quality natural ingredients and are often replaced with inexpensive eggshells.)
Like our food in our sample package, for example!

Be careful with “animal by-products”! This term is often unknown to laypeople and leaves many perplexed. Feathers, claws, horns and even expired meat from the food industry can be hidden behind the term “animal by-products”.
This suggests a particularly high meat content, which has nothing to do with high-quality meat. In contrast, there are high-quality animal by-products such as those found at Dogs'n Tiger: offal such as liver, lungs or heart are rich sources of protein and are perfect for healthy cat food.

The key word is “transparency”. No manufacturer would write on their label that there are claws in their food. Instead, it just says “animal by-products” – and nobody knows what exactly. When Dogs'n Tiger says: 70% beef consisting of beef hearts, beef, beef livers, beef lungs - then that's what it says. High-quality, natural ingredients, carefully prepared and without unnecessary additives, this is what distinguishes a good food. So your darling can expect a long cat life.

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