Hund und Katze schauen schlapp

Too much stomach acid from too many dog ​​and cat snacks

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Do you know that? On your walk, your dog suddenly becomes a herbivore and can't stop nibbling on blades of grass. The reason behind this behavior can be quite simple: too much stomach acid.

We love our four-legged roommates and want to show them that too - often through food. But a snack every now and then causes a lot of stomach acid.
To understand the reason behind it, we have to go back in time - when the dog was still a wolf. If the wolf felt hungry, it would look for suitable prey. In doing so, it produced stomach acid that the animal that would later be killed would digest.

A long time ago, the wolf came into our homes and became more friendly to humans - but the old reflex remained.

Every time there is something to eat, your dog produces stomach acid. Even if it's just a small treat.

With frequent refills of snacks, the stomach becomes permanently acidic.

Our veterinarian Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck therefore recommends only offering the dog snacks as a special reward and paying particular attention to the quality.

Our Dogs'n Tiger “Tasty Pieces”, for example – with a drop of linseed oil they are very suitable as a treat. The Premium Freeze Dried process also preserves the majority of the vitamins and ingredients.