Hund und Katze unter einer Decke

Are nutritional supplements useful for dogs and cats?

Veterinarian Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck explains:

"Whether a healthy dog ​​or cat needs an additional nutritional supplement on a complete diet is best discussed with the veterinarian on a case-by-case basis.

Dietary supplements have a wide range of uses for both preventive and supportive purposes in dogs and cats. They are often used for organ diseases, such as kidney or liver diseases, to support skin and hair metabolism, in large young dogs, but also in very stressed adult dogs and as a so-called geriatric drug in older dogs and cats.

As an example, I will take a closer look at the ingredients of nutritional supplements for large young dogs and for adult dogs that are particularly stressed by sport or their use as police, search or customs dogs. They contain GAGs (glucosamine and chondritin sulfate, which are also present in the New Zealand green-lipped mussel) and MSM (organic sulfur) to support the physiological production of well-lubricated synovial fluid and the function of the joint capsule. They often also contain a combination of plant extracts, such as ginger and devil's claw, to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Geriatric medicines often contain additional pain-reducing ingredients such as frankincense and willow bark, but also coordinated vitamins and trace elements to support general well-being.

As an example for cats and dogs, I would like to mention dietary supplements to support appetite, well-being and kidney function in cases of kidney disease. It counteracts the typical symptoms of chronic kidney failure such as increased phosphate levels (hyperphosphatemia) due to calcium carbonate (the absorption of phosphate from food is reduced in the intestine), reduced blood potassium levels (hypokalemia) and hyperacidification of the metabolism (metabolic acidosis) due to potassium citrate, thus providing relief the kidneys."

-Dr. Schlotterbeck

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