Hund schläft, Katze liegt auf ihm

Great thirst in dogs and cats - what's behind it?

Increased thirst (polydipsia) can have various reasons.
In any case, a health cause should first be ruled out:
“In addition to kidney and liver diseases, diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is the most common reason for increased thirst. The vet will diagnose or rule out these diseases through a blood test,” advises Dr. Schlotterbeck.

But if a serious illness has been ruled out, there could also be other reasons behind your roommate's intense thirst. For example, have you changed his food?

When dogs or cats eat wet food, they get a lot of liquid just from visiting the food bowl. Nevertheless, care should always be taken to ensure that, in addition to an extra portion of love, there is also plenty of water available. But while wet food provides your dog with fluids, dry food has the opposite effect, as Dr. Schlotterbeck explains:

“If a dog or cat mainly eats dry food from which a lot of fluid is deliberately removed, they compensate for this fluid deficit by consuming more water.”