Ein Hund und zwei Katzen vor Futter

How does refeeding work for dogs and cats?

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Refeeding simply means that the old food is exchanged for a new one. The reasons for this can be varied: whether you don't like the quality of the old food, the composition has changed or - in the worst case - your four-legged roommate has developed an intolerance. Especially when Dogs 'n Tiger previously only served inferior food full of artificial flavors, flavor enhancers and sugar, switching to a healthy food can be time-consuming.

If new food comes into the house for your animal companions, we have some useful tips for you:

First of all, dogs and cats love routine - so simply changing their food overnight is not a good idea. Your friend wants to slowly get used to the unfamiliar taste, smell and consistency. If the change happens too quickly, digestive problems can also result.

A good trick can be to mix the new food with the old. First very little and then a little more from day to day. Your Dogs 'n Tigers will be more likely to accept the news in the food bowl and their digestion will also have time to adjust to the new food.

If that doesn't work and your four-legged friend refuses to eat the new food, the big guns need to be brought out: treat withdrawal.
This isn't easy, but the more hungry the dog and cat, the fewer leftovers in the bowl.
And when the eyes beg and plead – stay strong. The sooner they get used to the new food, the sooner the dogs can enjoy their snacks again. The same goes for the tigers' snacks !