Neues Jahr, neue Ziele: Vorsätze für Deine Katze

New year, new goals: resolutions for your cat

The New Year offers a great opportunity to think about how you can enrich your cat's life. Resolutions aren’t just for us humans; they can also help your tiger stay healthy and happy. Here are some resolutions you can implement with your kitty in the new year:  


Promote your cat's healthy diet!

Healthy nutrition is just as important for cats as it is for us humans. Choosing the right food is not easy. However, there are a few points you should pay attention to. Because conventional food does nothing for your tiger's health! Instead of relying on a high proportion of high-quality meat, savings are made by using animal by-products (this can include feathers, claws and horns!) and cheap fillers such as grain and sugar.

Really good food, on the other hand, has a high meat content, high-quality ingredients and no inferior or unnecessary additives. Here you can find out more about the topic - and why our food is the best choice for your animal!

In short: At Dogs'n Tiger we pay great attention to high-quality ingredients, a high meat content and an animal-friendly composition, which we regularly check together with veterinarian Dr. Check Karin Schlotterbeck. We also have nutritionists for dogs and cats on our team. If you have any questions about the optimal nutrition for your pet, please feel free to contact our customer service !

Premium cat food

A big challenge for every cat owner: Will the cat eat the food or will it be ignored? Our food has an extremely high acceptance rate: tigers taste it really good!


Encourage your cat's activity with games!

Cats need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Play with interactive toys, hide treats for her, or set up a scratching post for her that allows her to express her natural instincts and climb.  

You can even teach your tiger tricks. Here we have collected a few tips on how you can successfully teach your tiger one or two tricks.

Training works particularly well with small snacks that are used as rewards. Do you already know our freeze-dried cat snacks ? Cat snacks


Take your cat to the vet regularly!

Checkups are just as important for cats as they are for dogs. Schedule regular veterinary appointments to ensure your cat is healthy and possible health problems can be identified early.  

Depending on the age of your kitty, you should check which preventive examinations are important. You can find out more about this topic in this article .


Check whether your cat is overweight!

Monitor your cat's weight to make sure it is within a healthy range. Games and activities can help prevent obesity and improve your tiger's fitness.  

Here's how you can tell if your cat is overweight: its stomach hangs lower than its chest, its waist is no longer or can hardly be seen and the ribs and vertebrae can hardly or not be felt under the layer of fat.

Before you put your cat on a diet, you should check with the vet that there is no illness behind it. Otherwise, you should also check their food at this point and choose food with a high meat content and without sugar or grain. Some feeds also have a special one Recipe for cats with lower energy needs . The treats should also be as low in fat as possible - they are particularly suitable Fillet meat snacks .

You can read more about this topic here .


Help your cat with its care and hygiene!  

Caring for your cat is important for its well-being. Sure, cats are very clean animals that do their own cleaning. Regular brushing of the fur will help your tiger - and she will lose less hair. Brushing your teeth can also help improve your oral hygiene and prevent tartar buildup .


Make sure your cat has opportunities to relax!

Cats can be prone to stress. Create quiet retreats for your tiger where he can feel safe and relaxed. Play with your kitty or offer her climbing and observation opportunities to reduce her stress.  


The New Year offers a wonderful opportunity to set goals for your cat's well-being and happiness. Even small changes in everyday life can have a big positive impact on your tiger's life.

New Year Happy Cat