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Rotten carrot soup for dogs: The home remedy for diarrhea

Diarrhea in four-legged friends can have very different causes. Home remedies such as Morosche carrot soup often help – an old home recipe against diarrhea for humans and dogs . The soup is given as a normal food for diarrheal illnesses and has helped many two- and four-legged patients get better again. In this article we have put together everything you need to know about the delicious carrot soup and also give you a recipe that you can use to easily cook the soup at home.

Why does my dog ​​have diarrhea? These are possible causes!

In humans and animals, diarrhea is always a symptom that something is wrong with the digestive tract. Diarrhea in dogs often occurs after a change in food or because the food is unsuitable for dogs. Sometimes the four-legged friends have eaten something wrong or become infected with a virus.

Other possible causes of diarrhea in dogs include:

  • Feed intolerance
  • fungal infection
  • Disorders of intestinal movement
  • Parasitic infestation
  • stress

If diarrhea occurs together with vomiting, this may also indicate poisoning or infection.

Diarrhea in four-legged friends: When to see a doctor?

Sometimes loose stools can also have more serious reasons that need to be clarified by a doctor. Especially if the dog's diarrhea is acute , he no longer eats and loses a lot of fluid, a trip to the vet is essential. You should also act quickly for your dog if you have a fever or if the animal appears apathetic. For very young or very old dogs, it is also advisable to go to the vet again.

Home remedies for diarrhea: This can help your four-legged friend

In order not to put unnecessary strain on the digestive tract when you have diarrhea, a light diet can help. The vet often recommends withholding food for a day - but your four-legged friend still needs enough water. Home remedies such as carrots or rice can help as a light diet for dogs with diarrhea. Both foods can have a positive effect on digestion and help the digestive tract regenerate.

Why is rice so good for digestion?

If diarrhea persists, the body loses a lot of fluid and therefore important nutrients. This makes it all the more important to drink a lot of water to protect the body from dehydration. Rice binds water in the intestines and also contains important nutrients . On the one hand, it prevents excessive fluid loss and, on the other hand, supplies the body with nutrients. In order for the rice to develop its effectiveness, it should be cooked long enough. In general, all types of rice are suitable as a light diet for four-legged friends.

Dog & Diarrhea: Carrots can help!

Carrots are also one of the classic recipes for dog diarrhea. They contain many valuable ingredients that, among other things, thicken the feces and thereby counteract excessive loss of fluid . But are raw or cooked carrots more likely to help dogs with diarrhea? The answer is clear: If a dog has diarrhea, he should eat boiled carrots. Raw carrots are also not harmful, but they are more likely to provide entertainment and support teeth cleaning.

Rotten carrot soup: This is what lies behind the recipe for dog diarrhea

If the cause of the diarrhea is not illness but, for example, incorrect food or stress, then the symptoms can perhaps be alleviated with this simple and delicious recipe. The preparation is incredibly easy. You don't need much more than a few carrots, salt and water. The soup is as tasty as it is healthy. And the best thing: you can both snack on it, because even without an acute illness, the carrot soup provides you with many valuable minerals and nutrients.

The inventor of Moroshen carrot soup was a pediatrician

The Morosche carrot soup was developed by Dr. Ernst Moro, a professor of pediatrics from Heidelberg. As the head of a children's hospital, he often came into contact with children suffering from stomach and diarrheal diseases. At that time, gastrointestinal flu often took a serious and even life-threatening course in children. Dr. Ernst Moro was looking for a solution to help the little patients and discovered Moro's carrot soup. With this simple and, above all, very natural home recipe, he was able to help many children get healthy again.

The recipe: Morosh carrot soup for the dog

There is a simple recipe for preparing Moroschen carrot soup for dogs. You only need three essential ingredients:

  • 500 g carrots
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 teaspoon salt

You should wash the carrots beforehand and then cut them into small pieces. They can then lie in boiling water for about 1.5 hours so that they become really soft and develop their ingredients. In a pressure cooker, the cooking time for your dog's carrot soup is halved. Are the carrots soft enough? Then separate them from the cooking water - but please do not throw the water away, but store it separately. Now puree the carrots and then add them back to the cooking water. Finally add 1 teaspoon of salt – done! The Morosche carrot soup now gives the dog new strength and energy.

A tip for better acceptance : Many four-legged friends love the freshly prepared carrot soup. If that's not the case, you can spice it up with a little honey or a dash of chicken stock, for example.

What effect does Morosche carrot soup have on dogs?

Boiled carrots for diarrhea are generally good for dogs and humans. But why is Morosche carrot soup specifically recommended as a home remedy for diarrhea in dogs? So-called oligosaccharides, i.e. short-chain carbohydrates, are created during cooking. These are very similar to certain receptors on the intestinal wall. The oligosaccharides use this little trick to attach themselves to harmful viruses and bacteria that have lodged themselves on the intestinal wall. This makes them real catchers of pathogens, which are then excreted in the feces or urine. In addition, the ingredients contained in carrots strengthen the good intestinal bacteria and form fatty acids that nourish the mucous membrane. The salt it contains can also bind bacteria and restore the electrolyte balance, which quickly becomes unbalanced in the event of diarrhea.


The benefits of Moroschen carrot soup for dogs at a glance:

  • Can relieve diarrhea in dogs
  • Carrots provide the body with pectin
  • The growth of new bacteria can be stopped
  • Improvement of intestinal flora
  • Provides the body with baking soda, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium

Since Moroschen carrot soup for dogs is a home remedy, there are almost no side effects. If the symptoms do not subside in the coming days, a visit to the vet is essential.

Morosh carrot soup for dogs: feeding and dosage

You've probably had a few more questions about Moro's carrot soup. The dog doesn't eat, but the four-legged friends often gratefully accept the soup. They intuitively feel that it will be good for them. At this point we will answer a few important questions about feeding recommendations and dosage for Morosche carrot soup, which can have many positive effects not only for the dog, but also for the human intestinal tract. Before you prepare Morosche carrot soup for your dog if he is vomiting, you should speak to the vet in advance.


How much Morosh carrot soup can a dog tolerate?

There is no firmly defined amount of Morosh carrot soup a dog can tolerate. It's best to start feeding slowly, because after all the digestive tract is under a lot of strain and shouldn't be overwhelmed with too large quantities right away. The four-legged friend should try it first and then approach the healthy meal little by little.

The general recommendation is to divide the soup into around four to five small meals a day. As a guide: around 30 ml per dog's body weight per day is sufficient. The small amounts distributed throughout the day are also important because many four-legged friends who suffer from diarrhea are literally starving. They pounce on the soup, eat it far too quickly and, as a result, get stomach and intestinal problems again. Observe how the body reacts to it and then simply increase the amount as you feel.


Rotten carrot soup for dogs: warm or cold?

Morosh carrot soup should never be served hot to a dog. Otherwise, particularly greedy four-legged friends will quickly burn themselves on the hot meal. Ideally, you let the soup cool down a bit after cooking. Most four-legged friends like it best at room temperature.

A tip : If you have some of the soup left over, it freezes very well. You can then take them out again at any time if necessary, let them thaw and warm them up. This means you always have a natural remedy for dog diarrhea at hand.


Morosh carrot soup: how long to feed?

If the Morosche carrot soup is well tolerated by the dog, you can slowly increase the amount per meal. You can also upgrade them with rice or chicken in the next few days. If the bowel movements are back to normal, then slowly taper off the soup and replace it with normal, high-quality dog ​​food .


How can I prevent diarrhea in my dog?

Species-appropriate and balanced dog food is the best prophylactic against diarrhea. Dogs'n Tiger offers your dog wet and dry food of the best quality . The food contains neither grain nor added sugar and guarantees 100% food quality of all raw materials. All products contain a very high meat content, but neither artificial flavors nor unnatural ingredients. Various herbs in the food support digestion.

All products were developed with the professional expertise of a veterinarian. This guarantees that all recipes are really animal and species-friendly. Many varieties contain a monoprotein and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. So if you don't want to have to deal with the problem of diarrhea in dogs in the future, then a species-appropriate diet can help and create the best basis for a long and healthy dog's life.