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Healthy pet food for dogs

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Man's best friend loves food - but he often doesn't care about the quality. The main thing is that the stomach is full and you can take a nap after eating. But of course they don't know that our loyal companions aren't necessarily doing themselves any good.

What we recommend for species-appropriate food:
A particularly high meat content is a must for dogs! The higher the better - that's what you would think. But many manufacturers simply label low-quality animal by-products – such as claws, horns or feathers – as meat content. It's not forbidden, but it's certainly not nutritious either. Therefore, you should look carefully at the label. For high-quality feed, the animal by-products are listed: as liver, lungs, hearts, etc. This way you can be sure that “meat content” really means meat.
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Dogs are also carnivores (carni-omnivores) and therefore differ from pure carnivores such as cats. So they also need other food. Herbs and vegetables are important sources of fiber for dogs and should therefore also be found in their diet. Fiber stimulates digestion and contributes to better digestion
Utilization of the feed - meat alone is not enough.

Sugar is hidden in many pet foods, but it is not only completely unnecessary, but also harmful to your dogs' health. Names of sugar can be: glucose, sucrose, corn starch, pectins, fructose syrup or maltose. Many manufacturers use these terms on the label - if you find them, stay away.

Grain has also found its way into many products as a cheap filling material. However, since this can result in allergies and intolerances, you should choose a grain-free food. Dogs' digestions are not designed to process grains anyway.

Last but not least: the additives. Hidden behind E numbers lurk preservatives, flavor enhancers, aromas, attractants, and, and, and...
Species-appropriate food is characterized by nature-identical ingredients, not by unknown numbers.

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Whether your four-legged friend is still a child prodigy or a senior, his best friend deserves the best food.
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