Einem Hund wird im Grünen Wasser gegeben

5 tips for cooling down your dog in the heat

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It's summer and the hot days are here. Almost every four-legged friend enjoys sunbathing, but temperatures that are too high can be dangerous. After all, dogs can't sweat to cool themselves down - and panting only cools them down to a certain extent. We have collected for you what you can do if your dog suffers from the heat.

Take a shady dog ​​walking route

Asphalt absorbs the sun's heat particularly well and becomes incredibly hot. If your daily walk doesn't offer any shade, it will quickly become uncomfortable for your four-legged friend. If possible, always choose the shady route or postpone longer trips to the morning and evening hours.

Cool with water

If your dog is not afraid of the water and you have the opportunity to set up a cool bath for him, the heat will of course not be a problem for you. But not every dog ​​loves the water. You should have a wet towel ready for these four-legged friends. If they lie down, you can simply cover them with it - this will achieve the same effect as sweating. Maybe you just use a sprayer that you can use to wet him with water (if your dog allows it). If you also place a wet cloth in a shady room, your buddy can cool down his overheated temper there on his own.

Brush long-haired dogs more often

Brushing long-haired dogs is almost like airing out your clothes. Well-brushed hair allows more air to reach your buddy's skin and insulates him from direct sunlight.

Offer peace

Hot weather doesn't just make people lazy. Your four-legged friend will also have less desire for activities. Give him peace and don't force him to take long walks - if he has to go out, he'll make his presence known.

Food and drink

A well-filled water bowl is a must when it gets warmer. But you can also give your dog some relief with food. If you feed his normal amount of food in smaller portions throughout the day, he won't use as much energy to digest it. He may be surprised that his breakfast has shrunk, but he will be even happier about the little surprise meals.

In general, your dog should always have a place in the shade and not be exposed to direct sunlight.