Meiner Katze Tricks beibringen – geht das überhaupt?

Teaching my cat tricks – is that even possible?

Cats are known to be self-sufficient and independent animals. For many people it is unthinkable that they can be taught tricks. But it works! Cats can learn tricks and even have fun while doing so. Because they are just as playful, want to be kept busy and love challenges.  

Here we have collected a few tips on how you can successfully teach your tiger one or two tricks.  

How can I motivate my cat when teaching him tricks?  

Cats are naturally curious animals, and if you offer your pet a reward in the form of snacks, he or she will be more inclined to participate. Also, be patient and continually give your tiger positive reinforcement during training. Pet her and praise her with kind words. Cats respond well to rewards and praise.  

Patience is key as it may take some time for your cat to actually master a trick.  

What tricks can I teach my cat?

The "sit" command is one of the easiest tricks you can teach your cat. With practice, your cat will learn to sit down when you give the appropriate signal. This works by standing in front of your cat, raising your index finger and saying “sit”. The goal is for your cat to look at your finger and memorize the symbol. As soon as she sits down, make a clicking sound with your mouth and give her a snack. She will associate the “sit” sign with sitting down and associate the clicking sound with the reward. If your tiger doesn't sit down, don't click or give her a reward. This helps the cat make the connection between the desired behavior and the reward.  

“Giving a paw” is a popular trick that is also relatively easy to learn. The best way to do this is as follows: You gently take your tiger's paw in your hand. If the cat tolerates this, reward him with a small snack. Repeat this process several times and combine it with a concise command so that the animal learns that touching its paw with your hand means a reward. Through repeated training, your cat will understand what is expected of him.  

Another nice trick you can teach your cat is “jump through the hoop”. Your cat stands in front of you and you hold a tire near the ground in front of her. Lure them through the hoop with a treat. It requires a little patience if your tiger is a little skeptical at first. Once she is safely moving through the hoop, give her the snack. Then raise the tire a little higher. Gradually increase this until your cat has to jump to get through the hoop. However, it shouldn't be too high or strenuous.  

Successful cat training: This is what you need to keep in mind  

It's best to always train in the same place. This should be quiet and there should be no background noise to be heard - this is the best way for the tiger to concentrate. As far as the time of day is concerned, you can try out what works best. Maybe your sweetheart is more active in the morning or he or she prefers to be busy in the evening.  

Cats have limited attention spans, so it's important to keep training sessions short and positive. As mentioned above, rewards are very important here.  

Overall, the goal should always be for you both to enjoy the training and to strengthen your bond. It is therefore important that you check how your cat is doing. If she is overwhelmed or shows that she is not interested, you should not force her.  

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