Frau am Laptop, Katze klettert auf ihr herum

Home office with cats – How to reduce stress and boredom

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The pandemic has made it normal for many people to work from their own four walls, at least on a few days a week. If this is also the case for you, it also means more time with your cat. Cats quickly confuse office time and after-work moments or feel disrupted by the change in their routine. In this article you can read how you can ensure that your office at home doesn't stress your animal too much and that it doesn't feel alone despite spending time together.

Activity for the cat: feeding and playing 

Cats love to be active, especially in the morning. If it's suitable, take a little time in the morning to exercise your cat and play with it. Then give her something to eat, like you would on a normal day at the office. Ideally, your tiger will then look for a quiet place to relax a little after playing and having breakfast. 

If you are already at home, you have the opportunity to provide your cat with food as needed throughout the day - instead of just one big bowl in the morning. Special feeding toys or fountains for hydration can keep your pet occupied and challenged while you work. Take advantage of short breaks in the home office to play together, be petted extensively or simply spend a little time with your animal. Your furry friend will be happy - and will also give you time to work during her rest periods. 

Reduce stress through tone control 

In some professions, various calls and video calls are part of everyday office life at home. Since cats have sensitive hearing, you should keep the background noise for your four-legged friend as low as possible. So set your ringtone to a low level or vibrate to avoid unnecessary stress for your animal. Don't speak too loudly in the video call and adjust the volume of the device to suit the person you're talking to. 

Peace and quiet for people and animals with the right workplace 

Your cat will definitely be happy that you are home for the day. Of course she doesn't know that you have to work. Therefore, find a place to do your tasks in peace and not expose your cat to unnecessary stress. If you would like to have her close to you, set up a place for her, for example with a basket or box with blankets and pillows. If you are working focused, you can also direct them there and reward them with a few strokes or a treat if they stay. If your animal is very people-oriented, it may prefer to lie on your desk or the computer keyboard. Then consciously ignore your cat every now and then to show him that he can't have the attention all the time. If you work on important documents, save them regularly. 

If there is no other way, then of course you can't let them into your office even if the door is closed. But expect that in this case your tiger will sooner or later meow in front of the door or scratch at the door because he may want your attention.

Experience report Barbara & Baghira 

Our colleague Barbara's cat Baghira is very happy when Barbara is in the home office. Her impression is that otherwise not much has changed for him. He sleeps in his favorite corners as usual and comes every now and then to get snacks or get his meals early. He also likes to jump on the desk and bite Barbara lovingly. Every now and then there is a treat and then Bagheera lies down and relaxes in the sun to sleep. 

We colleagues are often amused when Bagheera jumps on the table in the middle of a meeting and looks directly into the camera. People also like to use the keyboard, so some of us have received somewhat cryptic messages from Barbara. ;) If Bagheera is too disruptive, he is sometimes excluded from the study. Baghira is particularly happy that Barbara is there to open the balcony door so that he can sunbathe extensively!

Experience report Fabienne & Fe 

Home office is also going very well for Fabienne and her cat Fe. Fe loves to sleep on Fabienne's lap while she works. Fabienne has a small “hot water bottle”, which is a big advantage, especially in winter. Additionally, this can also increase productivity. Because when you have a sleeping cat on your lap, you think twice about getting up to get a drink or a snack. In order not to disturb the cat's sacred sleep, you usually just keep working. 

Fabienne says the “disadvantage” is that everyone you work with will eventually know that you have a cat. Either because her tail sticks out of the picture when she's lying on your lap, or because she suddenly starts loudly bringing you a gift or playing. Fe's screaming has often led to Fabienne being asked if she would also look after a small child. There is a row about every 3rd to 5th meeting, so Fe has to be locked out of the living room during important appointments. Fabienne enjoys having company in the home office and Fe has already cheered up numerous meetings or large online events and provided sympathy points and funny comments.