Katze spielt mit Wasser

5 tips for cooling down your cat in the heat

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When we humans are too warm, we start to sweat. Our little tigers can only do this to a limited extent. On hot days they sometimes leave prints on tiled floors because they have sweat glands on their paws. However, they can hardly regulate their temperature using this. They therefore pant in the heat to cool themselves down. They can acclimatize a little by breathing and the evaporating saliva. In addition, cats lick themselves more often in high temperatures in order to regulate their body temperature. 

Many cats enjoy lying in the sun or on the radiator. They get this preference for warmth from their desert ancestors. However, in strong and persistent heat it can also be dangerous for cats. In addition to overheating, cats can also get heat stroke in an emergency. Signs of this include increased body temperature and heart rate, restless behavior and heavy panting. In this case, you should consult a veterinarian. 

To make the hot summer as comfortable as possible for your cat and protect it from the heat, you can do the following: 

Moisten the cat's fur to cool it down in hot weather

    One way to cool down is to lightly moisten your tiger's fur every now and then. To do this, you can regularly stroke the fur with wet hands, a damp cloth or washcloth. 

    Cats need to drink more in hot temperatures

    You should encourage your kitty to drink, especially in hot temperatures. Drinking fountains or bowls in various places in the home encourage the cat to drink water. In addition, wet food should be fed on hot days as it has a significantly higher moisture content. Adding water to wet food also helps some cats. 

    Cats need cool places in hot weather

    Like us humans, cats also like shady places in hot weather. Your darling will be happy if he has a cool room in which he can retreat. But a cooling mat, for example gel or water-based, is also a welcome way to cool down. Caution is advised with fans as their direct draft can lead to conjunctivitis. 

    Freedom and retreat for cats in hot weather

    If you have a garden or balcony, your cat will be happy to get some fresh air even in summer. If possible, you should also offer shade here through umbrellas or awnings. But it is just as important that your tiger has the opportunity to retreat after a foray outside. She should have access to the house at all times. This way you avoid your animal overheating in the sun. 

    Sunburn is also possible in cats

    Sunburn can also be a real danger for cats. Cats with light skin and little fur are particularly at risk. You can rub particularly lightly haired areas such as the ears or bridge of the nose with sensitive, perfume-free and waterproof sun cream with a high sun protection factor (at least 30) to protect your pet. As an alternative, you can find special sunscreens for cats in the pet store.