Lange Autofahrten mit Deinem Hund – so geht’s!

Long car rides with your dog – this is how it works!

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Long car journeys can be a challenge not only for you, but also for your doggo. Some dogs are also restless in the car and do not feel comfortable. But you can ensure that it is as relaxed and stress-free as possible – provided you prepare well. In this article you will learn how to prepare your dog for a long car journey and perhaps even make your car a comfortable place for him.  

Before the car ride: Let your dog arrive in the car!  

If you have planned a car ride with your dog, give yourself plenty of time before you set off, if possible. It's best to go for a long walk before the trip. This way he is exhausted and can relax better.  

If your dog has never been in a car before, start slowly: put him in the car, give him some tasty snacks, and make him feel comfortable. You should also be completely relaxed. Take your time and start the journey calmly.  

If you are planning a long tour, it would be good to first get the dog used to the new means of transport with shorter routes.  

Safety First!  

Your doggo’s safety comes first. Use a special transport box, a car harness or a safety blanket to keep him protected while driving and not running around wildly in the car. In any case, it must be secured. This way you minimize the risk of accidents and injuries – for both of you.  

Try to drive calmly and not brake too hard.  

Set up a comfortable place for your dog in the car  

Make your doggo as comfortable as possible in the car. Place a familiar blanket or cozy pillow so he can get comfortable. As is often the case, the motto applies in this case: less is more! Don't give the dog too much space, because dogs usually feel very secure in small spaces.  

Keep an eye on the temperature so that it doesn't get too hot or too cold. And don't forget to take water and some treats with you.  

Take regular breaks from driving  

Not only you, but also your dog needs regular breaks. Always plan small stops so that you can give him water and you can go for a short walk. As a rule, this should happen after two hours, but every dog ​​is individual. Adapt the breaks to your animal's needs.  

Please never leave your dog alone in the car. Especially when it is warmer, the dog can suffer from heat stroke within a very short time. If that were to happen, Dr. Karin Schlotterbeck summarizes here what needs to be done.  

If the drive takes a long time, it might make sense to plan an overnight stay. The break will be good for you and especially your dog. If the temperatures are particularly hot, we recommend starting early in the morning or late in the evening.  

Keep your dog busy on long car journeys  

Sometimes a long car ride can be boring for a dog. A great activity measure that also provides calming is a licking mat. You can use this to distribute wet food, for example . Your dog will then be busy for now.  

You should be careful with chewing items or bones as there is a risk of choking. Braking can also be risky.  

Positive Vibes Only  

Try to combine driving with positive vibes for your dog by making the car a feel-good place for him. It is important that you too are calm and stress-free. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your dog will be. Reward him when he behaves well and show him that driving can be fun. So he will be as excited about the next trip as you are!  

With the right preparation, nothing stands in the way of a road trip with your doggo. Let's hit the road!  

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