So verwöhnst Du  Deinen Hund im Winter - 5 Tipps für die kalte Jahreszeit

How to pamper your dog in winter - 5 tips for the cold season

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The winter months can be challenging not only for us but also for our dogs when it comes to cold and winter blues. Therefore, we should make sure that our doggos not only stay warm but are also active and happy. We have collected five tips for you on how you can survive the cold winter together with your animal.

Make sure your dog doesn't get cold

Most dogs have thick fur, so the cold doesn't bother them. However, small dogs, dogs with short fur or older dogs with joint problems can feel cold.

If necessary, put a coat on your dog when you go outside. This should fit well and be water-repellent. It's best to have light reflectors so that your dog can be seen clearly in the dark.

It is also very important that you dry the fur well after a walk in winter. Otherwise, it can stay wet for a long time, especially if it has rained or snowed. He should then not lie down on cold ground. By taking these measures you can easily avoid a cold or bladder infection.

Make sure you have enough employment

When it's cold, rainy, and snowy, you're both less likely to want to go for long walks and play outside. But there should also be enough activity indoors to keep the dog happy and busy.

Indoor intelligence games , for example, are ideal. Retrieving also works well. For example, you can also teach him to clean up his own toys. Or you can hide your favorite snacks in the house and let your dog look for them. So that this doesn't have too much of an impact on your calorie intake, choose tasty and healthy treats. Our snacks are made from pure, freeze-dried fillet meat, which means they are low in fat and contain no carbohydrates.

Protect a dog's paws D

Snow, ice and road salt can irritate and dry out your dog's paws. You can apply Vaseline or paw balm to them before going for a walk. Wash and dry the paws after the walk.

Dog shoes are ideal for very sensitive paws. These should fit well so that freedom of movement is not compromised.

It's best not to let your dog eat snow

Most dogs love to play in the snow, catch snowflakes and frolic around - sometimes so much that they eat the snow. You should definitely avoid this! Road salt or grit can cause poisoning. But even with pure snow, so-called “snow gastritis”, an inflammatory disease of the stomach lining with acute symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, can occur.

Use a muzzle if there is no other option.

Give your dog a little more food

You can give your dog a little more food in the winter if he gets a lot of exercise or is outside for long periods of time. In this case, it uses more energy to maintain its temperature balance. Choose good food that gives your dog energy and provides him with the best care.

Our Guadn wet food offers a perfectly balanced mix of meat, vegetables and herbs. The high meat content of 67% beef with high-quality muscle meat and the pumpkin it contains are rich in fiber, vitamins and valuable nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and zinc - perfect for strengthening the immune system in winter!

Always make sure that the amount of food remains within limits. In any case, it is advisable to check your animal's weight regularly so that you can adjust the amount of food if necessary and avoid both underweight and overweight.

Even in winter, dogs need to drink a lot of water. This should not be too cold, but lukewarm.