Denkspiele für Hunde: So beschäftigst Du Deinen Doggo und hältst ihn fit!

Brain games for dogs: How to keep your doggo busy and fit!

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A happy and healthy dog ​​not only needs enough exercise, but also mental stimulation to be fully occupied. Brain games are a great way to challenge your dog mentally while building a close bond. Because it's also about you having fun together! And if that hasn't convinced you yet: These games can strengthen the dog's self-confidence and help him to face difficult situations in everyday life more calmly.  

In this article we will introduce you to some popular brain games for dogs that will help relieve boredom and keep your dog mentally on his toes.  

Play hide and seek with your dog  

Hide-and-seek games are one of the easiest and most effective ways to develop your dog's intelligence. Let your dog make a space or sit and then hide somewhere else in the house or apartment. Then call him and let him look for you.  

Alternatively, you can also hide an item. Let your dog sniff it first. Show him the object and then hide it while he remains seated. As soon as you give the command, the search begins.  

As soon as he finds you or the object, reward him with praise and a tasty dog ​​snack .  

Unwrapping “gifts” for dogs  

Did you know that dogs, just like humans, love opening little presents? You can make your doggo very happy by wrapping snacks or one of his toys in paper towels or a towel and putting the whole thing in a box. Because your doggo will immediately smell what's hidden there and want to get it out with paws, teeth and persistent shaking. You can vary the level of difficulty! The better the gift is wrapped, the more effort he has to put into it.  

It is important that you do not leave your dog unattended, that the individual components are made of non-toxic materials such as paper and that you tidy everything up at the end so that he does not completely dismantle the leftovers and swallow them.  

Teach your dog new tricks  

Dog tricks are ideal for developing your doggo's mental abilities. Aside from the basic commands like sit and down, there are a variety of other tricks you can teach him. How about giving a paw or handing out high-fives, doing a roll or running around your legs in a slalom? Not only will this be fun for you, but it will also be fun for your audience to watch.  

By using a clicker, you can give immediate feedback when your dog performs a desired action. This promotes the mental connection between the behavior and the reward. Clicker training can be used for various obedience exercises or tricks to improve the dog's mental flexibility.  

Shell game for dogs  

You probably know the shell game from your own experience. You place three opaque containers (e.g. plastic cups) in front of your dog. Get him to sit or lie down. Once concentrated, place a dog treat under one of the containers. Then you start changing positions, first slowly and then faster. Then ask your doggo to choose which container the treat is hidden under. Some dog breeds learn how the game works more quickly. Others rely on their nose. That's okay too - the main thing is that you both have fun!  

Train your nose with dog treats  

Have you ever tried a sniffing mat or a sniffing ball as an activity for your dog? These toys have countless fringes in which you can hide great treats . The dog can use it to combine sniffing, searching and snacking and it's really fun! These toys help your dog improve his ability to concentrate and at the same time his already well-developed sense of smell is further stimulated through nose work. Sniffing balls are even more challenging than sniffing mats because they can roll away.  

There are also a variety of other thinking toys on the market that can be filled with treats . The dog has to achieve this by solving puzzles or operating mechanisms.  

Brain games for dogs are not only entertaining, but also promote your pet's mental health and general well-being. If you regularly integrate them into your dog's everyday life, you will also strengthen the bond between you. Try out different games and just see what brings your doggo a lot of joy. However, he shouldn't be too overwhelmed. Therefore, plan enough rest breaks. And very important: Such games - especially when played indoors - are no substitute for daily exercise and exercise in the fresh air.  

A great dog snack for thinking games is Fatzke : the small cubes are made from 100 percent duck or chicken and are the perfect size for training and education.