So verwöhnst Du Deine Katze im Winter - 5 Tipps für die kalte Jahreszeit

How to pamper your cat in winter - 5 tips for the cold season

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When it's really frosty and cold outside and maybe even snowy, there's nothing better than giving your tiger some extra warmth and affection. From a cozy spot to a warm shelter for outdoor cats - here are a few tips on how to give your cat a cozy winter.

Create cozy places for your cat

Cats sleep more in winter (up to 20 hours) because the cold causes them to use more energy to stay warm. You should be warm and comfortable, because our kitties can freeze too. If they fluff up or huddle, it may be a sign that they are cold. Be especially careful with drafts and older cats. This is because they are susceptible to osteoarthritis, which worsens when exposed to cold.

Set up a nice spot for your tiger, for example on the windowsill or with a heated lounger - ideally with a view outside. This way he can check out his territory and still be warm and cozy.

Provide your cat with entertainment

Since outdoor cats rarely go outside when it's cold/snowy and indoor cats are also less active, you should provide entertainment and exercise at the same time with play sessions. This also counteracts obesity. Use cat toys for this and vary them regularly so that you don't get bored.

There are also intelligence games or little tricks for cats to teach. Reward them with tasty and healthy treats. Our snacks are made from pure, freeze-dried fillet meat, which means they are low in fat and contain no carbohydrates.

Care for your cat's fur when shedding

Cats can develop a particularly thick coat with a warming undercoat towards winter. This is especially the case with outdoor animals. You can support the coat change with brushes.

Indoor cats do not have as pronounced winter fur as outdoor cats. Nevertheless, they also need grooming - and they enjoy it anyway.

Set up shelter for your outdoor animal outside

If you have a healthy outdoor animal, you can safely let them out in the winter - at least for a short time. Because outdoor animals develop a thick coat with sufficient undercoat in winter. This means they are well protected from cold and snow. Since your tiger is used to being able to go outside, he will want to make sure that everything in his territory is as usual, even when it snows. However, you should make sure that the cat can easily get back in, for example with a cat flap.

Otherwise, you can set up a small cat house for her outside. Line it with straw, pillows, and blankets.

Another thing you should consider is putting a litter box outside. If the ground freezes, your kitty won't be able to bury her business.

Give your outdoor animal richer food

Cats that spend a lot of time outside, even in cold/snowy conditions, require a richer diet or larger quantities of their usual food as they require more energy to maintain their body temperature. Choose good food that gives your tiger energy and provides him with the best care.

Our Wohltat wet food combines salmon and chicken - a mixture that cats taste particularly good. The particularly high meat content of 70% includes pure muscle meat and fine offal. Valuable linseed oil provides healthy Omega 3 fatty acids - for an immune boost in winter!

Always make sure that the amount of food remains within limits. In any case, it is advisable to check your animal's weight regularly so that you can adjust the amount of food if necessary and avoid both underweight and overweight.

Your tiger should always have ice-free drinking water available outside.