Die Sprache der Katze – Teil 3: Die Pupillenform

The language of the cat - Part 3: The pupil shape

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Cats have their own way of communicating. This magazine series is about interpreting cat behavior. Whether it's tail positioning, meowing or purring - our tigers communicate a lot with us and we want to understand them better. The third part is about the pupil shape.  

Have you ever wondered why your cat's eyes seem so mysterious and different depending on the situation? The answer often lies in their pupils. Have you ever noticed how your cat's pupils suddenly change? These small circles are not only the key to how they see the world, but also a window into their emotional world.  

What's special about cat eyes  

Cats belong to the so-called “nocturnal” or “crepuscular” animals. Your eyes are specially adapted to this way of life. Cats' pupils can open and close much wider compared to human pupils, which helps them see well even in low light conditions. This means they can hunt even in the dark.  

A cat's pupil is not just round, but can change into different shapes depending on lighting conditions and emotions. When there is strong brightness, the pupil contracts into a narrow slit to limit the incoming light and prevent overexposure. In darker environments, however, the pupil dilates to capture as much light as possible.  

The cat's unique pupil shape  

The characteristic vertical slit shape of the pupil in cats also has another important function. It helps control the amount of incoming light while maintaining the sharpness of the image. This shape allows cats to accurately judge distance and movement, which is crucial in the wild.  

Cats' unique ability to adapt their pupil shape in so many ways allows them to optimally perceive their surroundings and quickly adapt to different lighting conditions. Although these adaptations are primarily physiological, emotions and moods also play an important role in changing pupil shape.  

Large and round cat pupils mean curiosity and relaxation  

If you watch your tiger take a cozy nap or purr contentedly, you will probably notice that his pupils are large and round. This pupil shape signals relaxation and well-being. Your cat feels safe and secure around you, which can be a real declaration of love from him.  

Slit-shaped pupils: The cat is alert and attentive  

Another pupil pattern you will often notice is the slit pupil. This is a sign that your cat is alert and paying close attention to its surroundings. Often this pupil shape occurs when focused on hunting or aware of a potential threat. Your presence calms her down, but she's still on guard and ready to act.  

Severely dilated cat pupils – signs of fear and stress  

It's important to understand that your cat's pupils don't just indicate positive emotions. If you notice that your cat's pupils are suddenly very dilated, this could be a sign of anxiety or stress. This could be triggered by loud noises, unfamiliar situations or unwanted approaches. In such moments it is important to calm your cat and give him a feeling of security.  

Cat pupils are dilated on one side - possible health problems  

If you notice one-sided pupil dilation in your cat, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. This could indicate an injury or serious health problem. It is always better to be safe than sorry and have your tiger checked medically.  

Cats smile with their eyes  

It's not just the size of the pupils that provides information about the cat's behavior. Her look also reveals a lot. When your tiger is relaxed, he will close his eyes completely or slightly. A friendly disposition is conveyed by cats that blink or wink. This action shows that they have trust in those around them. The cat's blinking or winking is in some ways analogous to the human smile. Through this body language, animals signal trust and affection towards others.  

Overall, your cat's eyes and especially the pupils are like an open book that subtly reveals their thoughts and feelings. By observing and interpreting their pupil shape, you can gain a deeper insight into their world and get even closer to it.  

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