Hund auf Bahngleis mit Koffern

Traveling with a dog

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Summer vacation is approaching and with it the question: Will the dog come with you or not?
In order to have the most relaxed vacation possible as a whole pack, there are a few things you should take into account. We have collected useful tips here.

Before you travel, you should clarify whether pets are allowed in the hotel or holiday apartment. In principle, this cannot be assumed. It is also very important to ask whether the environment is suitable for dogs. A wooden hut in the forest is more suitable than a hotel in the urban jungle.

Health while traveling

You should check with your vet well in advance of your departure whether your dog has sufficient vaccination protection.

A valid rabies vaccination is crucial. If you are traveling to Mediterranean countries, you could check with your veterinarian whether an additional leishmaniasis vaccination would make sense. Depending on your travel destination, it is just as important to get medication from the vet as a precaution, including against so-called motion sickness.

Your first aid kit could include:

  • Eye wash (for rinsing eyes and wounds)
  • Disinfectant
  • Bandages with self-adhesive bandages
  • Disposable gloves
  • Bandage scissors
  • clinical thermometer
  • Tweezers and tick hooks
  • cotton swab
  • muzzle
  • flashlight
  • Diarrhea medication (e.g. charcoal tablets)
  • Painkillers (after consulting the vet)
  • Calcium drinking ampoules (for allergies and insect bites)
  • Disposable syringe
  • Tick ​​protection
  • Travel or sedative tablets
  • Hot/Cool pack
  • Paw care (e.g. Vaseline)

The climate in the destination country can be stressful for you – and for your dog too! If you want your dog to travel to hot countries, your dog's acclimatization must also be taken into account. Avoid the midday heat and always make sure there is enough water or cooling options available. If your dog has health insurance, you should find out whether this insurance also applies abroad. The EU pet passport and insurance number should always be at hand.

How do we travel?

How your pack travels should also factor into your considerations. A flight is extremely stressful for dogs - if it weighs up to eight kilograms, it can sometimes be taken into the cabin in a transport box, but if it is heavier, it has to go into the hold. In this strange environment he is completely on his own, has to endure loud noises and changing air pressure, can only go to the toilet in his box - in short: pure stress! Medium and long-haul flights in particular should not be taken lightly.

If you travel far away by car, it is often more pleasant for your four-legged friend. He has to stay in his transport box during this time, but at least he hears familiar noises and voices that calm him down. Regular breaks to get out and play can be well planned. If your dog is prone to motion sickness, a vet can give you medication.

What do I do with the food?

Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that the traditional food will also be available abroad. That's why it's advisable to take some cans or bags with you. Then it will be easierto switch to local food and you will have less stress.

Overall, a trip is often stressful for dogs and you should think carefully about whether staying with friends or in a dog boarding kennel might be better for your four-legged friend. If you don't have to travel long distances and it's a dog-friendly holiday with lots of walks, your dog will be thrilled to come along.