Was man beachten sollte, wenn man einen Hund aus dem Ausland übernimmt.

What you should consider when adopting a dog from abroad.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog from abroad, it is important that you realize that it can be a challenging decision. Veterinarian Dr. In this magazine article, Karin Schlotterbeck explains which important aspects you should take into account:

The positive sides:

  1. Rescuing a dog: Dogs from abroad often have difficult living conditions and deserve a second chance at a loving home.
  2. Diversity and distinctiveness: Foreign dogs often bring with them a unique mix of breeds that can enrich your experience as a dog owner.
  3. Fulfilling Experience: Adopting a dog from abroad can not only help the animal but also give you a sense of fulfillment.

The challenges:

  1. Health Risks: Dogs coming from abroad may bring with them certain health problems that require careful attention. Regular veterinary examinations are essential.
  2. Adjustment and Stress: Adjusting to a new home can be stressful for the dog and requires patience and empathy. Personal interaction and getting to know the dog before adoption can help identify and manage potential adjustment problems, however this is often not possible when adopting a dog from abroad as face-to-face interaction may be difficult or impossible on site.
  3. Unknown History: The dog's past is often unclear, which can make adjustment difficult, especially in adult dogs. You don't know the dog and have no opportunity to get to know it properly.

Important steps:

  1. Thorough Research: Learn about the adoption process and choose a trustworthy animal welfare organization.
  2. Veterinary Examination: Upon arrival, have the dog examined by a veterinarian immediately to ensure he is healthy.
  3. Patient Adjustment: Give the dog time to adjust to his new home and be patient during the adjustment process.
  4. Training and socialization: Invest time in training and socializing your new family member for a harmonious integration.

Deciding to adopt a dog from abroad can be a beautiful experience, but it requires preparation and commitment to ensure that both you and your new four-legged friend can build a happy relationship.

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