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For your dog's small construction sites: Our new functional snacks combine taste and function!

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The following situations may seem familiar to you as a dog owner: You want to cuddle with your little darling, but the unpleasant-smelling fur or bad breath get in your way. You have to concentrate in your home office, but your four-legged friend is restless and can't relax. You want to take long walks with your best buddy, but he is not very mobile.  

These and many other little aches and pains can stress your dog and disrupt your quality time together. And this is exactly where functional snacks come into play! Maybe you have already discovered them in our shop. The idea: taste meets function! With these functional treats you can tackle your four-legged friend's small construction sites in a targeted manner.  


Made from fresh fish and other natural ingredients

All snacks contain 70 percent fresh sprat and are made on a monoprotein basis. The fish is gently air-dried and thus retains important nutrients.  

Other ingredients include coconut flour and coconut flakes. Coconut for dogs is currently very trendy because the fatty acids are said to have a positive effect on skin and coat. Thanks to its health-promoting effects, the exotic coconut is a true superfood for dogs - and it tastes good too!  

The other ingredients differ depending on the variety and functions, but are all natural, nutrient-rich and well suited for dogs.  

Like all Dogs'n Tiger snacks, the functional treats are free of grains, potatoes and sugar.  


The individual varieties and their functions  

The specific benefits of our new snacks depend entirely on the variety.  


Your dog is tired? Extracts from knotweed, chokeberry and Changa & Reishi mushrooms can help strengthen the immune system and give you extra strength. With KRAFTPAKET you support your dog's natural defenses. The snacks contain an abundance of important vitamins and vital substances that are beneficial for the optimal functioning of the immune system and the defense against pathogens.  


Dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety just like humans. There are many possible triggers and we are often unsure how to help our dog in such situations. And it doesn't always have to be sedatives! With the power of nature, VERSCHNAUFEN actively supports well-being. The dog can relax better and becomes calmer. Herbal extracts from chamomile, valerian and hemp can have a calming effect on the nerves and help you wind down in a gentle and natural way. Fears, nervousness and stress can be alleviated in this way.  


Dental disease affects the majority of adult dogs. Teeth are extremely important for dogs. The functional snack TOOTH FEE supports - as the name suggests - dental health. Mint and seaweed can promote healthier teeth and fresher breath. It's important to note that even though you feed these snacks, you still need to have your dog's teeth checked by a veterinarian regularly. If tartar is present, it should be removed medically. As a preventive measure, these snacks can ensure that your four-legged friend's teeth remain healthy.  


With probiotics and prebiotics, this functional snack contributes sustainably to the active gastrointestinal flora and can combat discomfort such as flatulence. If your dog regularly struggles with digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation or flatulence, these functional snacks can help. Through the targeted combination of ingredients, BÄUCHLEIN helps to promote healthy digestion and alleviate the symptoms of digestive problems.  


The majority of dogs are affected by osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases. These can be caused by various factors such as genetics, previous injuries, illness, obesity or age. It may therefore be advisable to take preventative measures. This functional snack can provide new HIP SWING and improve your dog's overall mobility. The chokeberry can have an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore support better mobility. The green-lipped mussel can naturally strengthen ligaments, tendons and muscles.  

But of course it's not just the ingredients and functions that are important, the snacks are also extremely tasty - probably the more important argument for your dog! 😉