Welpe liegt mit Spielzeug vor der Kamera

The first dog in the house

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The first dog is always something very special. Your life will definitely be very exciting once a loyal companion has moved into your new home.
Here we have listed a few things for inexperienced owners that are worth considering before the pack grows.

How much does a dog cost?

Unfortunately, dogs can not only live on air and love, but they also cost a lot of money over the years. The purchase costs of basics such as a bed, bowl or toys can be easily planned. Food can also be purchased cheaply through a food subscription , but sudden expenses can quickly add up. For example, if the vet has to be called in, it can be expensive - unless health insurance has been taken out. The dog school and, if necessary, dog sitter are also positions that come to you. Roughly speaking, you can budget around 6,000 euros for a small dog over the course of its life - excluding possible veterinary costs.

Which dog fits me best?

Which dog breed is right for you also depends on you. Active dog breeds - such as huskies - need a lot of exercise and action, so they are ideal for athletes. If you are more of a quiet type and value spending time on the couch with your four-legged friend, a small lap dog - like a Shih Tzu - is more suitable.
Every person is different, this also applies to dogs. In any case, your dog should fit your life situation and your character.

The time factor is also an important point.

A lot of time should be planned for a large dog with an equally great need for exercise, not just as a puppy but throughout its life. After all, life with a four-legged friend doesn't just consist of regular walks. Your little roommate wants to be kept busy and busy with games and their own tasks - this is how mutual trust is built.
In any case, someone should look after the little prodigy for at least the first six months.

Where does the dog come from?

The question of origin also needs to be clarified, of course. A dog from the animal shelter will be eternally grateful to you if you give him a loving home. It's best to just stop by your local animal shelter - maybe you'll find a new roommate.
If you have already decided on a specific breed, then you should go to a reputable breeder.
Experts advise against classified ads and internet advertisements because it cannot be ruled out that the “breeder” is involved in the illegal puppy trade. Reputable breeders provide documentation to prove the dog's origins and let you look at the litter before you decide on a puppy. Additionally, they do not sell dogs under eight weeks old.

What else do I need?

In addition to the optional health insurance mentioned above, you definitely need liability insurance for your four-legged friend. As the owner, you are responsible for what your buddy does.
Registering and identifying the dog is also recommended - in case it ever escapes.
Every dog ​​owner can learn something at dog school. Inexperienced new owners in particular benefit from the courses. The dog's body language, training tips and tips on living with your new roommate are on the agenda here, which helps immensely with living together. Your dog will also meet other dogs here and will be socialized for a future on the dog meadow. A visit to a dog school should definitely be planned.